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  • Buddhism
  1. Daily Words of the Buddha — a few of the Buddha’s words sung in Pali
  2. Audio Dharma — Dharma talks given from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA
  3. — Dharma talks and meditation instruction
  4. Abhayagiri — Dhamma talks from the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah

Conspiracy / Research

  • Red Ice Creations — “We also cover health issues, out of control governments, the application of technology and false science on society, psychological conditioning, propaganda and manipulation.” Archives dating to 2006.
  • Veritas Radio — Exopolitics, paranormal phenomena, conspiracies, UFOs, etc.
  • The Higherside Chats (THC) — Conspiracy, mystery and comedy
  • Dave Emory — exposing the Underground Reich
  • Corbett Report — Open source intelligence news
  • — the Occult in popular culture. “Where the esoteric meets the political”

Sound / Music


  • Sanitas — “because your health and longevity should not be classified information”


  • Superego — “profiles in self-obsession” - a mixture of written and improvised comedy in the format of psychological case studies
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