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  • Buddhism
  1. Daily Words of the Buddha — a few of the Buddha’s words sung in Pali
  2. Audio Dharma — Dharma talks given from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA
  3. — Dharma talks and meditation instruction
  4. Abhayagiri — Dhamma talks from the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah

Conspiracy / Research

  • Red Ice Creations — “We also cover health issues, out of control governments, the application of technology and false science on society, psychological conditioning, propaganda and manipulation.” Archives dating to 2006.
  • Veritas Radio — Exopolitics, paranormal phenomena, conspiracies, UFOs, etc.
  • The Higherside Chats (THC) — Conspiracy, mystery and comedy
  • Dave Emory — exposing the Underground Reich
  • Corbett Report — Open source intelligence news
  • — the Occult in popular culture. “Where the esoteric meets the political”

Sound / Music


  • Sanitas — “because your health and longevity should not be classified information”


  • Superego — “profiles in self-obsession” - a mixture of written and improvised comedy in the format of psychological case studies

These organic Bartlett pears from Trader Joe’s seem to be seedless. Their seeds seem mostly white and thin with some black mixed in. Kind of like the “seeds” in seedless watermelon. The seeds are shown on the right side of the open pear.

Trader Joe’s private label foods claim to be non-GMO. So are these pears truly non-GMO organic? Is it possible to cross breed organic pears to be seedless? Was there GMO cross contamination?

Twitter answer: @farmwars: @JJDippold Bartlett pears normally have seeds - in Sacramento Valley, they often are seedless because of the favorable climate.
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